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Code of Ethics

The Mike Kilroy Corporation adheres to the Electronics Representatives Association's Code of Ethics.


We will conduct ourselves and our business in a professional and HONORABLE manner that reflects credit upon ourselves, the manufacturer, customer, other manufacturers' representatives and the entire industry.


We will respect and honor the negotiated contracts of principals represented. We will refrain from deception or misrepresentation of any price or product, or concealing pertinent facts. We will give the same service to customers and principals that they expect from their own organization.


We will support the efforts of our colleagues, chapters and international associations to set standards for our profession through example, education and training to promote and protect the free enterprise system.


Whereas it is acceptable and routin for manufacturers' representatives to advertise and promote their capabilities, we will refrain from soliciting manufacturers with the objective of encouraging a principal to break a contractual relationship with another representative.


We will not directly or indirectly solicit the services or affiliation of an employee of another representative without proper notice to the other organization.


We will respect the confidentiality entrusted to us by principals, distributors, customers and fellow representatives.